Heat Pumps for Heating, DHW and Cooling

A heat pump ensures the lowest building heating costs. It also performs the function of heating domestic hot water and additionally cooling the building in summer. A heat pump allows a house to be built without a chimney and also without access to natural gas.

PCCO MONO heat pump
The MONOBLOCK air-to-water heat pump is an air-tight solution that is convenient to install and service. The units are connected by a heating water circuit protected by the innovative PZ HX Protection Module.
  • High efficiency up to A+++
  • Safe R32 refrigerant
  • Extended warranty
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Highest efficiency classes up to A+++

Low costs – no paid inspections

5-year warranty

Online operation and diagnostics as standard**

How do heat pumps work?

The principle of the heat pump is based on the use of the properties of refrigerants. They can boil at very low sub-zero temperatures and can therefore effectively extract heat from, for example, the ground, water or directly from the ambient air. In addition, the refrigerant is compressed in the heat pump compressor. Its temperature and pressure are then increased, which can already be used to transfer heat to the heating, pool or domestic water.

Most of the heat received by the heating medium comes from the environment. The so-called lower heat source can be air, ground or water. The heat pump requires electricity to run the compressor to ensure operation of the refrigeration circuit. It is therefore among the most energy-efficient and renewable energy sources.

MONOBLOCK or SPLIT heat pump?

Air-to-water heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular on the market. They are offered in two basic types: MONOBLOCK or SPLIT. The main difference consists in the working medium circulating between the indoor and outdoor units. SPLIT heat pumps use a refrigerant such as R410A or R32. This requires a copper pipe connection between the heat pump units. The circuit is then filled with refrigerant. The advantage of the solution is protection against freezing at the design level, as the refrigerant will not freeze at the normally occurring outdoor temperatures.

Monoblock heat pump – what features does it have?

The MONOBLOCK heat pump is a heating unit in which the refrigeration circuit is housed in the outdoor unit. It is an air-tight system that does not require any intervention, and installation does not require additional qualifications or authorisations as with SPLIT heat pumps. MONOBLOCK air source heat pumps can operate directly with heating water, which is connected directly to the outdoor unit. However, they must be protected against freezing in the event of power cuts. Most market solutions are based on the use of an additional glycol circuit between the outdoor and indoor units. This necessitates the installation of additional accessories – a heat exchanger and a circulation pump. This increases investment and operating costs. Hewalex heat pumps are equipped with an innovative technical solution, the PZ HX Protection Module.