Photovoltaic system

A way of reducing the cost of purchasing electricity, recommended especially in cooperation with a heat pump, is a photovoltaic installation. Connecting to the grid is a way of long-term storage of surplus energy generated on sunny days.

Hewalex complete photovoltaic systems

We supply complete photovoltaic sets. They contain all the components necessary for assembly and commissioning under standardised installation conditions. For our systems, we have selected components that meet stringent requirements such as resistance to low and high ambient temperatures, e.g., for inverters -25 to +60oC (tests in desert and Arctic climates), or resistance to the presence of salt or ammonia in the air as in the case of photovoltaic panels. This ensures that our solutions are universally applicable in terms of climate and building conditions.


We supply photovoltaic panels from the world’s leading manufacturers according to the TIER 1 list. The JA SOLAR and JINKO SOLAR panels have gained the trust of both owners of so-called micro-installations with a capacity of a few kW and also among investors in the segment of high-powered installations or photovoltaic farms. In each case, reliability, quality and high performance were recognised.

These are the latest generation of panels built from multi-busbar PERC cells cut in half, which guarantees, among other things, higher power output and reduced sensitivity to shading.

Proven SOLIS inverters

Solis inverters are manufactured by Ginlong Technologies – one of the most experienced and recognised manufacturers in the world. The inverters have passed numerous tests, such as UV resistance, operation in salt spray, thermal shock tests (1,500 cycles from -40°C to 70°C), input voltage shock tests, tests under extreme conditions (highly saline terrain, desert, high altitude), among others. This is why they work well for installations of a few kW as well as large-scale projects.

We supply 1-phase and 3-phase inverters, as well as hybrid inverters for photovoltaic installations equipped with an energy storage system.

Energy storages

Pylontech products guarantee state-of-the-art energy storage solutions. Instead of feeding energy back into the grid, it can be stored and used during hours when the installation is no longer generating energy. The equipment is characterised by its modular design, high usable capacity and the possibility of flexible configuration and expansion of the installation. They work with Solis three-phase hybrid inverters.

OPTI-ENER – Innovation in building energy management

The OPTI-ENER system is our proprietary solution that introduces new possibilities among the well-known EMS-type systems on the market. It is specifically designed to manage the operation of electrical appliances in conjunction with an owned energy source such as photovoltaics. This has the effect of increasing self-consumption of energy and increasing the profitability of investments. Based on current and voltage measurements, the controller calculates the amount of energy input, output and generation.

Fixing systems

Our fixing systems allow the stable and secure installation of photovoltaic panels. These are special structures made from high-grade aluminium profiles and stainless steel screws. Thanks to its light weight, the system is quick and easy to install, making it suitable for use on any type of roof and the ground. We offer high-quality fixings for both sloping and flat roof and the ground.

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How to choose photovoltaic panels?
When considering the installation of a photovoltaic system, the investor is faced with a number of choices and decisions to make. There are many different PV panels, inverters, mounting systems and installation companies on the market. In practice, all of the above-mentioned aspects boil down to the selection of an expert contractor who will take care of the project comprehensively from conception to implementation and connection of the installation.
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It is also not an easy task to choose the right system size, panel layout, mutual selection of equipment and safety features for a photovoltaic installation.

Despite entrusting this in the hands of specialists, it is advisable for the investor to have the basic knowledge to verify the offers made by the contractors. As the photovoltaic panels are the most important part of the installation, it is with them that an overview of the features and parameters that are important to maintain reliable and efficient operation should begin.

How to select an inverter in a photovoltaic installation
The selection of the inverter is mutually dependent on the photovoltaic panel area used – more specifically, the maximum electrical power generated by the panels. The two components, the photovoltaic panel array and the inverter, must be selected in such a way as to ensure the highest possible operating efficiency and to maintain, for as long as possible, the expected maximum output of the photovoltaic installation (e.g., 3 kWp).
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High-performance inverters achieve a maximum operating efficiency of more than 98%. The high operating efficiency of the inverter ensures a favourable energy and economic effect – reducing the payback period. The efficiency of the inverter depends on the instantaneous load (the AC current at the inverter output in relation to the nominal current for the inverter).