Smart management systems

Modern heating and cooling systems can be considered as such when they provide the highest possible level of comfort of use at the lowest operating costs. Smart management systems are responsible for this, among other things.

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EMS energy management system - comfort and savings

Expenditures on the purchase of electricity is steadily increasing despite the fact that the equipment is increasingly energy efficient. The reason for this is a systematic increase in energy prices, as well as an increasing number of electrical devices and equipment in buildings. Therefore, the use of intelligent systems to manage the operation of equipment is of particular importance. This means that the appliances can be switched on automatically. This can occur when free energy generated by your own photovoltaic system or energy at lower prices (in multi-zone tariffs) is available.

This solution reduces the total cost of energy purchase and at the same time increases the comfort of the residents. It is not necessary to start the appliances manually and control the amount of free energy available. This type of solution is provided by Hewalex under the name OPTI-ENER.

Power consumption optimisation device - OPTI-ENER capabilities

The innovative OPTI-ENER system, developed constantly by Hewalex is used to optimise power consumption. This is done on the basis of several mechanisms. For the system, it is necessary to know the priority of starting the devices. The user decides on the start-up sequence. It should depend, among other things, on the energy intensity of the equipment. Then the savings in the cost of purchasing electricity will be the highest. In addition, the need for systems and equipment will be important. For example, the start-up of the air conditioning system should take place at a high level of sunlight to ensure adequate internal comfort at the lowest operating costs.

The OPTI-ENER system can also enable efficient water heating. The solution we recommend is to use solar collectors for this purpose. However, if there is surplus energy generated by its own photovoltaic system, OPTI-ENER is able to smoothly adjust the power of the heater, depending on the available amount of free energy.

Remote supervision and diagnostics of RES equipment

Modern heating systems are becoming more and more complex, especially in terms of control. This applies, for example, to heat pumps intended for heating and cooling buildings and for heating domestic water. It is therefore crucial to supervise them in order to ensure stable continuous operation. The EKONTROL system by Hewalex is supplied integrally with PCCO heat pumps. It enables remote supervision of the operation of the heat pump and the heating system. It is possible to change the settings, e.g. temperatures, operating times, etc., using a computer or telephone.

The second extremely important function is provided by the system called EKONTROL DIAGNOSTYKA. It provides automatic reports on the operation of the heat pump on an ongoing basis. Any disturbing operating conditions are properly indicated in advance with service or other recommendations. This solution definitely increases work safety and at the same time reduces the number of service activities to a minimum.