EKONTROL allows you to take full advantage of the possibilities of remote supervision of the heat pump, solar collector systems or photovoltaic systems. It offers the widest range of features in this type of application available on the market at a particularly affordable purchase price.

Ekontrol – your installation under control

EKONTROL allows you to remotely supervise the operation of:

  • Solar thermal installations
  • Domestic water heat pumps
  • Central heating heat pumps
  • Photovoltaic systems
Comfort within easy reach

The web browser reproduces the operation of a supervised solar thermal system or heat pump – in the form of an animated diagram indicating momentary operating conditions and temperatures measured in the system. The EKONTROL system allows remote operation of the controller by setting almost all operating parameters.

In what selected situations will you appreciate having an EKONTROL system?

You are on holiday and… forgot to turn on the holiday function to protect the solar thermal system from overheating, or did not switch off the heat pump water storage heater. The solution will be… EKONTROL

You are on a trip and dream of a warm bath when you get home. However, you are not sure that the water will be warm enough and that it may take a while to heat it up. Unless you use… EKONTROL beforehand

You want to entrust specialists with the care of your solar thermal system, heat pump or photovoltaics. You can do this using the EKONTROL+ service and also by providing your installer with access to the selected EKONTROL functions.

You are at work or on a business trip. You receive a phone call from your wife, parents, children, that … the utility water is too cold. You can explain how to change the settings on the controller, but it will be easier to use… EKONTROL

You value control of your expenses and want to reasonably manage the consumed and produced heat and electricity. However, you need statistical data and professional calculators, which will be provided by… EKONTROL.

Do you want to be “on time” and use clean and efficient renewable energy, as well as mobile technologies? Maybe you want to show it to your friends wherever you meet them? This is possible when you have… EKONTROL

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What controllers and devices does the EKONTROL system work with?
The EKONTROL remote supervision system can be purchased together with a solar thermal system or heat pump, but it is also possible to add it to existing devices. In some cases, the EKONTROL system may be within the standard range of delivery of the device, e.g., for MONO and SPLIT central heating heat pumps.
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Remote supervision of solar thermal systems

The EKONTROL system is designed to work with the controllers of solar thermal systems GH26 and G422. List of controllers that can work with the EKONTROL system (for connecting the system to a controller outside the current sales offer, please consult the Hewalex Technical Department):

  • G422 Controller (from version P06)
  • GH26 Controller (from version P06)


Remote supervision of domestic water heat pumps

The EKONTROL system is designed to work with controllers of domestic water heat pumps, equipped with a G426 controller. This applies, among others, to the following models of heat pumps (from the current and closed sales offer):

  • PCWU 3.0kW
  • PCWU 2.5kW
  • PCWU 200K-2.5kW, PCWU 300K-2.5kW
  • PCWU 200K-2.3kW, PCWU 200eK-2.3kW
  • PCWU 300K-2.3kW, PCWU 300eK-2.3kW
  • PCWU 300SK-23kW
  • PCWU 3.8-A3


Remote supervision of central heating heat pumps

The EKONTROL system is designed to work with central heating heat pump controllers equipped with a G426 controller.

This applies to heat pump models offered since 2016:



Control and management of the electricity balance

The OPTI-ENER module is the central unit of the system responsible for controlling and managing electricity consumption. Controlling the operation of the devices increases the results of the photovoltaic system.

  • OPTI-ENER (with extension modules)
How is the controller connected to the EKONTROL system?
The controller of the solar thermal system or heat pump with RS485 communication connector is connected to the EKO-LAN modem. The EKO-LAN modem communicates with the remote server via the RJ45 socket. The EKONTROL system can be accessed by registering at www.ekontrol.pl.
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