A wide range of accessories, such as electric immersion heaters, mounting structures and electrical connections, are available for the proper functioning of heat pumps, as well as for extending their functionality and facilitating installation.

PZ HX Safety Module
An innovative and first-of-its-kind solution on the market designed to protect monoblock heat pumps. Developed by Hewalex based on many years of experience in the production and operation of RES equipment.
  • Protection against freezing
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • For higher power heat pumps
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PCWU wall mounting bracket

The PCWU wall mounting bracket is designed for the installation of the PCWU 2.5 kW and PCWU 3.0 kW modular domestic water heat pumps. It ensures the stable and durable installation of the unit. Cat. No. 90.00.11

  • For the PCWU 3.0 kW modular heat pump
  • With vibration damping
PCCO ground stand bracket

The PCCO universal design is used to mount the heat pump outdoor unit. Designed for PCCO MONO 6/9/10/11 kW (Cat. No. 90.00.10) and PCCO MONO 15/18 kW (Cat. No. 90.00.09)

  • PCCO assembly
  • Complete set
  • Made of durable heavy steel
PCCO wall structure

The wall structure enables the PCCO air-to-water heat pump outdoor unit to be mounted on the building façade. Cat. No. 90.00.27

  • Suitable for PCCO
  • Made of durable heavy steel
  • Maximum weight 180 kg
Heat pump ventilation kit

The ventilation kit is adapted to make a heat pump ventilation system. The air is drawn in from the outside, while an optional throttle (with manual position adjustment) can be used to discharge the air to the outside of the building or into a room. Cat. No. 90.00.06

  • Air intake from outside the building
  • Option of cooling rooms
PCCO connection kit

The connection kit is a set of pipes and hoses needed to connect the refrigeration system, electrical supply and communication of the heat pump units. Cat. No. 90.00.12

  • Refrigeration system
  • Electric power supply
  • PC unit communication
Electronic flow meter 120L GZ5/4″

The 120L GZ5/4″ electronic flow meter is designed for use with the PCCO MONO or the PZ HX Safety Module. Cat. No. HAF120P114A

  • Suitable for PCCO MONO
  • Equipped with a Hall sensor
  • Equipped with pulse transmitter
ELIKO heater

ELIKO electric immersion heater is designed to heat domestic hot water or heating water. Cat. No. 80.10.11

  • Built-in thermostat
  • Installation in the tank
  • 3-phase power supply
Magnetic filter

The slanted filter with a neodymium magnet and drain valve is designed to perform double filtration of the heating medium in the central heating system. Cat. No. HPOAF32114A

  • Neodymium magnet
  • Double filtration
  • Long service life
14-wire cable harness

The cable harness is a 14-wire communication cable between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Cat. No. HPAS1405E06

  • 14-wire communication cable
  • Length 6-12 m
7-wire cable harness

The cable harness is a 7-wire communication cable between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Cat. No. HPAS0705E06

  • 7-wire communication cable
  • Length 6-12 m
PCCO Anti Vibration Feet

The PCCO vibration isolation base enables any PCCO series air-to-water heat pump outdoor unit to be installed with vibration damping generated during operation. Cat. No. 90.00.28

  • Vibration damping
  • Vulcanised aluminium profile
  • Maximum weight 400 kg
DN150 long-range adjustable nozzle

Special connectors resistant to temperature, humidity and UV radiation, which are used, among other things, to connect photovoltaic panels, inverters and DC disconnectors. Cat. No. 90.00.04

Coupling of flexible duct DN160

The coupling is an additional element in the offer in the event of cutting the flexible duct DN160 with a length of 5 m. It makes it possible to place the flexible duct on a DN160 butterfly valve with a bypass or, after sticking 5 mm self-adhesive micro-rubber (included in the set) on other elements with a diameter of DN150. Cat. No. 90.00.05

DN160 throttle with bypass

The throttle makes it possible to completely cut off one of the air sources and redirect to the other circuit. Useful on both the suction and discharge side of the air to manually select the direction of air intake and discharge. The damper is used for ventilation and recuperation in residential and industrial buildings. It is designed exclusively for PCWU heat pumps. Cat. No. 90.00.03

DN160 flexible duct with a length of 5 m

The flexible duct is used to transport air in the heat pump’s intake and exhaust system. When installing, ensure that the cable is stretched to the maximum. A pipe with a maximum length (when stretched) of 5 m is suitable for cutting into shorter lengths. The kit includes two DN160 hose connectors and two 5mm self-adhesive micro-rubbers to be applied to the DN150 connection. Cat. No. 90.00.02

Insulation fitting GwGz 3/4″ PA66 GF30

The fitting should be used for metal (e.g. copper or steel) installations as tank insulation. It prevents electrochemical corrosion of the tank in the event of faulty operation of the earthing system or electrical equipment in contact with the water system. Maximum operating temperature: short time: 170°C, long time: 110°C. Cat. No. 90.00.01

Extension 6/4″

Brass 6/4″ extension with rebate and dedicated shape to ensure sealing with an o-ring on the heater. It allows the necessary distance to be created in the event of the installation of an excessively long electric immersion heater for the CO buffer. The length of the extension is 30 mm. The 6/4″ extension is an essential element if you wish to fit an electric immersion heater from the Hewalex range to the DUAL HX200/120 hot water storage tank. Cat. No. 80.10.27