The accessories of a solar thermal system consist of more than a dozen components that are essential for its operation. If you buy a ready-made solar thermal kit, a selection of pipes and fixings is usually sufficient. Additional fittings are required as an option or for non-standard installations.

ZPKS connection set
The ZPKS connection set consists of 1 sensor housing with vent and 2 KS 3/4″ plugs. Allows a single solar thermal collector to be connected to the supply and return in a solar thermal system.
  • Complete set
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable design
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Solar thermal system filling station

The Solarcheck Mobilcenter Z P80 mobile filling station is used for flushing, filling and venting small and medium-sized solar thermal installations. It definitely speeds up and streamlines the work of commissioning and servicing solar thermal installations. Cat. No. 73.03.00

  • Compact and functional
  • High-performance
  • Lightweight design
TERMSOL EKO solar fluid

TERMSOL EKO fluid is an aqueous solution of non-toxic propylene glycol. This is the non-freezing heat transfer medium in a solar thermal system. Cat. No. 80.32.05

  • Non-freezing heat transfer medium
  • Available in variants: 5, 20, 30 kg
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties
Hand pump

The hand pump is used to fill the solar thermal system with the heat carrier. It is a piston hand pump with a 3 dm³ reservoir. Cat. No. 73.02.00

  • Compact and functional
  • High-performance
  • Lightweight design
KS 3/4″ screw

The screw is used to connect individual solar thermal collectors in fields. It is permissible to combine max. 8 solar thermal collectors. Cat. No. 42.01.00

  • Up to 8 collectors can be combined
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable design
BiSolar double flexible pipe

The connection consists of two DN16 stainless steel flexible pipes thermally insulated and connected to each other by a common PVC cover. In addition, the connection includes a temperature sensor cable for the solar thermal collectors. Cat. No. 80.43.41

  • Easy assembly
  • High mechanical strength
  • Can be mounted outdoors
Insulated flexible pipe bracket DN15-20

Stainless steel flexible pipe bracket, enables the pipe to be fixed to a solid substrate. As a result, the pipes can be conveniently routed directly onto the walls, with a maximum distance of 70 cm between adjacent brackets. Cat. No. 80.43.18

  • Easy assembly
  • High mechanical strength
  • Can be mounted outdoors
Base for flexible tube holders

The base allows two holders to be fitted when the flexible tubes are run in parallel. It is fixed to the ground beforehand. Cat. No. 80.43.28

  • Easy assembly
  • High mechanical strength
  • Can be mounted outdoors
Heat shrinkable band

The heat shrinkable band is designed to seal the ends of flexible stainless steel pipes to protect the thermal insulation from moisture ingress. Cat. No. 80.43.39

  • Easy assembly
  • High mechanical strength
  • Can be mounted outdoors
ZNP for solar thermal installations

The diaphragm vessel compensates for temperature-related changes in the volume of the heat transfer medium in the system. In addition, it takes over the heat transfer medium from the collectors in emergency situations and thus prevents unwanted opening of the safety valve. Cat. No. 72.18.00

  • For solar thermal installations
  • Two capacities
  • Compensates for changes in the volume of the heat carrier
ZNP for domestic water

The diaphragm vessel compensates for changes in the volume of the heat carrier in the system caused by temperature increases, maintaining a constant pressure value in the system. An analogous task is fulfilled by drinking water vessels. Cat. No. 72.11.02

  • For drinking water
  • Three capacities
  • Compensates for changes in the volume of the heat carrier
KS 3/4″ plug

The plug is used to plug the threaded connections of the collectors. It is made of brass. Cat. No. 43.01.00

Sensor housing KS 3/4″

The sensor housing is a cover for the temperature sensor in the flat collector. It is used when a flat-plate collector is built into a non-drainage connection. Cat. No. 44.01.00

Sensor casing with vent

The casing provides a cover for the temperature sensor when the sensor is installed in the flat collector in the outlet connection. The housing is made of copper tube with a brass head. It has a 30 mm hex nut with 3/4″ female thread, a manual air vent and an 18.77 × 1.78 VITON O-ring. Cat. No. 44.01.01

VITON O-ring 18.77 × 1.78 (10 pcs.)

The FKM V75F 18.77 × 1.78 O-ring is used as a seal for the solar thermal collector connections. Factory positioned on the manifold connections. It is made of VITON® fluorocarbon rubber elastomer. Maintains characteristics over a wide operating temperature range from -40 to +220°C. Resistant to substances such as oils, greases and glycols. Cat. No. 73.00.12

Solar fluid Coracon SOL 5F 20 kg

The fluid is an aqueous solution of pure, non-toxic propylene glycol. It has a set of inhibitors in its composition, guaranteeing protection of the installation against corrosion. It is approved for use in systems with collectors with all-aluminium absorbers. Features increased acid neutralising capacity, low viscosity and an operating temperature down to -28°C. Cat. No. 80.32.80

Half-screw KS3/4″ G1/2″

Half-screw KS¾” G½″ consists of a brass hexagonal nut GW 3/4″ and an element with thread GZ 1/2″. It can be used, for example, in the solar or domestic water circuit. Allows the diameter to be reduced to 1/2″ (e.g., with DN15 steel pipes in a press system). The 3/4″ nut has a wide rebate under the gasket. Cat. No. 40.20.20

Temperature sensor with 3 m Teflon cable

This sensor is designed for solar thermal collectors and is resistant to very high temperatures and UV radiation thanks to its Teflon insulation. Cat. No. 74.10.05

Temperature sensor with 3 m cable

The PVC-insulated temperature sensor is designed for use in solar thermal installations, in addition to direct installation in solar thermal collectors. The operating temperature limit is 110°C. Cat. No. 74.30.00

Temperature sensor 3 m – mesh

The sensor is designed to measure the water temperature when mounted on the connections of the lower coil of the hot water storage tank. The second application is to measure the temperature in the return of the heating medium (glycol) when installed in a pump station. Cat. No. 74.31.00

Temperature sensor 3 m Teflon – ring

The sensor is designed for KSR vacuum tube collectors (outside the current range). Cat. No. 74.10.06

R-20F surge suppressor

The device is designed for surge protection of the ZP/ZPS and ALEX HX10 pump units. They are equipped with two spark arrestors that dissipate the energy of the surge wave to the ground and a double varistor that prevents the voltage on the protected device from rising above the permissible value. Thanks to these protection devices, the voltage on the protected equipment will not increase by more than 10% even if an overvoltage wave with 5 kA impact current occurs. Cat. No. 74.10.06
NOTE: the splitter should only be used in earthed sockets. The lack of a properly functioning grounding system in the building reduces the effectiveness of the protection.

ZPS spacer bracket

The spacer bracket is an additional equipment option for ZPS pump and control units. The bracket allows the unit to be mounted offset from the wall on which the solar or other installation pipework has been routed. Cat. No. 71.33.02

3/4″ nut for flexible pipe DN16

The nut is designed for making crimped and bolted connections from BiSolar DN16 and SNP-DN16 stainless steel flexible pipe. Cat. No. 80.43.05

Reduction GW ¾”/GZ 1″

Brass reduction with ¾” internal thread and, on the other side, with 1″ external thread, is intended for the connection of solar thermal collector batteries to flexible pipes of the types SNP-DN20 and BiSolar DN20. The reduction is screwed into the connection of the solar thermal collector. Cat. No. 80.43.15

Crimping machine for flexible pipe DN16/DN20

The universal crimping machine mechanically produces a suitable butt joint in flexible pipe types SNP-DN16, SNP-DN20 and BiSolar DN16 and BiSolar DN20. Cat. No. 80.43.12